Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Organizational assessment, market review, competitor analysis, planning and implementation benchmarks

 EvolveLaw’s strategic planning process elucidates a firm’s position in the current changing marketplace; filters the firm’s strengths and weaknesses through the differentiators that make law firms stand out and provide value in the legal services market; and articulates or refines strategic goals to solidify the firm’s value proposition.

Our process assesses the following buckets of law firm differentiationstrategicLrgVert

We build consensus around a culture-driven strategic plan, providing a decision framework for stakeholders to assess key possibilities and the timeline, likelihood of success, and potential ROI for each.

industries, niche services and client-types
driven by clients, talent, or market opportunity
alternative staffing, affiliations and referral networks, project management tools, or other nontraditional business models
technology tools, pricing strategies, outside resources and other tools
statistics, key accomplishments, trends, credentials, marquee clients